Monday, September 15, 2008

Adams Annual Gauley Trip

We are leaving for our annual Gauley River Trip early in the am on Thurs Sept 18. We will be staying at Mountain Lake Campground in Summersville, WV. We hope to catch up with many of our river friends over the 4 day weekend. Looking forward to attending Gauleyfest 2008 on Saturday night. Welcome back RJ! Glad we've helped turn another person into "the fold" ; ) !

Our planned intinerary:

Thurs: We probably will go hiking in the New River Gorge and go visit Class VI.

Major Rapids of the Gauley River


Fri: We have a few whitewater virgins with us on this trip so we plan to run the Lower Gauley today and launch from the newly constructed NPS Wood's Ferry Access. We will be running 2 rafts--Mark's Riken Dodger and my beloved "To Boatly Go" Hopefully launch early enuf to catch lower water at Koont'z Flume for some big surfing in 5 Boat Hole. Of course, lets not forget about PSH!! We're goin' for the surf in Hell Hole. (NO LOOSE STRAPS!)

Sat: Upper Gauley Day! I've waited ALL year to get back on the Upper G. I've got to redeem myself in Sweet's Falls after 2 swims in the past 2 years. (No flips here---just swims!) If we make it this year I would like to celebrate by jumping off Postage Due and swim The Box.

Sun: Upper Gauley again. Once is NEVER ENUF!-- RJ said it best last year after his first Gauley experience. Ending the trip on the Lower Gauley is an anticlimax. (Especially ending on flatwater) So thats why we're doing the LG on the first day.

Mon----the clan's gotta head back-- : ( One day (about 5 years from now) I wont have to head back because I plan to move BACK to West Va.

Will post some pix upon our return

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