Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Day of Gauley Season 2008

I mentioned awhile back that I would post these pics of the boys from our last Gauley River season trip over Bridge Day weekend (Oct 18-19, 2008) I toyed with doing this very thing, however, since I have already joined the Upper Gauley River Swim Team (involuntarily I might add) many times over, and since I have swum Pillow Rock rapid before and got spanked--I saw no need for a repeat performance. . . and the fact I weigh a little more than I did when I first entertained the idea of "purposely" jumping off the rock directly into the maelstrom. I can assure you it's almost ALWAYS completely under water until you reappear somewhere 20+ yards downstream after getting the underwater equivilent of traveling in a wormhole at "warp" speed when you catch that lovely eddyline next to Volkswagon rock. And if you are luckily enough to pop up right away, Volkswagon rock usually prepares you for a second tour, in the event you didnt get to fully enjoy the underwater scenery

I bet you're assuming they ride the short bus to school dont you.

Note: When someone says to you to "Go take a flying leap" I dont think
they meant literally

Extreme Baptism!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My King, Do You Know Him?

- by Dr S.M. Lockridge

The Bible says my King is a seven way King.

He's the King of the Jews -

He's the King of Israel - that's a national King;

He's the King of Righteousness,

He's the King of the ages,

He's the King of Heaven,

He's the King of Glory,

He's the King of Kings and He's the Lord of Lords!

He's my King, I wonder - do you know Him?

David said the Heaven's declare the glory of God

and the firmament shows His handiwork.

My King is a sovereign King.

No means of measure can define His limitless love,

no far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of His shore,

no barrier can hinder Him from pouring out His blessings
He's enduringly strong,

He's entirely sincere,

He's eternally steadfast, He's immortally graceful,

He's imperially powerful, He's impartially merciful.
Do you know Him?

He's the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world!

He's God's son,

He's the sinners Savior,

He's the centerpiece of civilization,

He stands in the solitude of Himself,

He's awesome and He's unique!

He's unparalleled, He's unprecedented,

He's the loftiest idea in literature,

He's the highest personality in philosophy,
He's the supreme problem in higher criticism,

He's the fundamental doctrine of true theology,

He's the miracle of the age,

He is - yes He is, He is the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him,

He's the only one who qualified to be an all sufficient Savior;
Do you know Him?

He supplies strength for the weak,

He's available for the tempted and the tried,

He sympathizes and He saves,

He strengthens and sustains,

He guards and He guides,

He heals the sick,

He cleansed the lepers,

He forgives sinners,

He discharges debtors,

He delivers the captives,

He defends the feeble

He blesses the young,

He serves the unfortunate,

He regards the aged,

He rewards the diligent and He beautifies the meek.
Do you know Him?

My King is the key to knowledge:

The wellspring of wisdom;

the doorway of deliverance;

the pathway of peace;

the roadway of righteousness;

the highway of holiness, and the gateway of glory!

His office is manifold:

His promise is sure.

His light is matchless.

His goodness is limitless.

His mercy is everlasting.

His reign is Righteous.

His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

I wish I could describe Him for you, but He's indescribable!

He's Incomprehensible! He's invincible! He's Irresistible!

You can't get Him out of your mind or off your hands!

You can't out-live Him and you can't live without Him!

The Pharisees couldn't stand Him, but they found out they couldn't stop Him.

Pilate couldn't find any fault in Him.

The witnesses couldn't agree.

Herod couldn't kill Him. Death couldn't handle Him, and the grave couldn't hold Him!

That's my King!That's my King! That's my King!

and He's the kingdom and the power and the glory - Forever! AMEN!!!

That's my King! Do You KNOW HIM??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What God Won't Ask On THAT Day??

God won't ask what kind of car you drove,
He'll ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation.

- God won't ask the square footage of your house,
He'll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

- God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet,
He'll ask how many you helped to clothe.

- God won't ask what your highest salary was,
He'll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

- God won't ask what your job title was,
He'll ask you if you shared His love to the people at your job

- God won't ask how many friends you had,
He'll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

- God won't ask in what neighborhood you lived,
He'll ask how you treated your neighbors.

- God won't ask about the color of your skin,
He'll ask about the content of your character.

- God won't ask why it took you so long to seek Salvation,
He'll lovingly take you to your mansion in heaven, and not to the gates of hell.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009