Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Day of Gauley Season 2008

I mentioned awhile back that I would post these pics of the boys from our last Gauley River season trip over Bridge Day weekend (Oct 18-19, 2008) I toyed with doing this very thing, however, since I have already joined the Upper Gauley River Swim Team (involuntarily I might add) many times over, and since I have swum Pillow Rock rapid before and got spanked--I saw no need for a repeat performance. . . and the fact I weigh a little more than I did when I first entertained the idea of "purposely" jumping off the rock directly into the maelstrom. I can assure you it's almost ALWAYS completely under water until you reappear somewhere 20+ yards downstream after getting the underwater equivilent of traveling in a wormhole at "warp" speed when you catch that lovely eddyline next to Volkswagon rock. And if you are luckily enough to pop up right away, Volkswagon rock usually prepares you for a second tour, in the event you didnt get to fully enjoy the underwater scenery

I bet you're assuming they ride the short bus to school dont you.

Note: When someone says to you to "Go take a flying leap" I dont think
they meant literally

Extreme Baptism!

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