Monday, February 23, 2009

My testimony on how I became a born again follower of Jesus Christ

I stumbled into this "cross in the middle of Saguaro National Park in Dec 06, while looking for a place to leave my dad's ashes. I came across this when I followed a jackrabbit off trail thru the brush. (first time ever actually seeing this type of rabbit) Ironically my fathers name is Jack. It's interesting to note, I grew up believing Jesus dying on a cross was a lie. And for the record, this is called a chain fruit cholla--I've seen thousands of these--they do not grow like this.

I was the last person in the world that thought I would ever become a "born again" Christian. I thought I had life figured out. I've always believed there was a God--because I could NEVER EVER accept that EVERYTHING came into existence by accident out of NOTHING I refused to beleive in evolution or that we evolved from apes or a pool of slime. I grew up in a very physiclly abusive (alcoholism) home in my youthwhile with my mother, (in my senior year of h.s. I lived with my dad who was a complete gambling addict) I am a survivor of attempted rape by my stepfather (despite my mom being divorced from him she allowed him over all the time), resulting in not one but two suicide attempts during my late teens, because I thought if that this was all life had to offer I didnt want any parts of it. My mothers choice of on and off religion was Jehovah's Witnesses, nothing worse than living with a religious alcoholic, so as an adult I vowed never to get sucked into "Religion" again. Too many of them out there, too many "interpretations". I even unwittingly dabbled in the "occult" by playing with Ouija boards. (I can ASSURE YOU THEY ARE NOT INNOCENT FUN---demons are REAL!!) And they are EXACTLY who you are contacting when you play with Ouija Boards. I was "agnostic" in the sense I wasnt sure what the "truth" of God was---but i figured it was enough to "try"to be a good person and make the most of this "one" life I've been given. And thru God's grace, He had allowed me to see and experience some of the most amazing places on His Creation. In fact I am about to leave for a Salt River Wilderness trip in beautiful southwestern state of Arizona in a few days--it being described by my friend Glenn Goodrich, who has traveled all over the planet and has seen it ranks it #3 favorite place, so I know it must be special as I have been to both his #1 and #2 spots which included the magnificent Grand Canyon. So I wanted to share this testimony before I leave for this trip.

Several things about having a Jehovahs Witness past---they deny the deity of Jesus Christ, and put him at the level as a created being as an angel, more specifically Michael the archangel. (Mormons hold this same belief) And that He didnt die on a cross but a stake. I was taught Hell was merely "death" and not a real place and only a special group of 144,000 people went to heaven the rest of us would have to live thru Armageddon and ONLY if you were a JW and only meant for earth. You were in "the truth" so they claim. They teach lies and sadly alot of sincere people are blindly following unquestioned the Watchtower society and have their own "version" of the bible if you want to call it that. (funny they call it the "New World Translation" Between evolution and all the false religions and teachers out there, no wonder SOOO many people are duped into believing lies and are disgusted with religion. There were things during the course of my life that stuck in my head that left me to ponder. Scriptures pertaining to the last days, the Book of Revelation, and a particular scripture speaking of the broad and spacious road that leads to destruction and many are those that follow it and narrow is the gate leading to life and few are the ones following it, somehow subconsiously stayed there. I made a conscious effort to follow my own "version" of the narrow road. While most people follow the "path of least resistance" I always sought the road less traveled. I was never satified with life as most people live it. I knew I would rather fill my life with memories than material possession. I was never interested in participating in the rat race. I think I instinctively knew the accumulation of material possessions was an empty pursuit-and felt sorry for those people who became slaves to it. Little did I realize how my love of outdoors and adventure would have a direct hand to my eventual salavation.

There are no coincidences in life. Things happen for a reason. I could write a book on my experiences that even though at the time, I didnt recognize that God is in control, and directing the path of my life--without me even knowing it. Until Jesus Christ came and personally touched my life. It was from that day I gradually began to "wake up" to the truth--that is. to the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ. The simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He did NOT come here die a brutal and horrible death on the cross to start a religion!! He is GOD!!--! He died to pay the penalty for our sins, and to give us eternal life. He is THE WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. There is no other way except thru HIM!! If there were many paths to heaven, like misled people like Oprah and the like, proclaim in their humanistic way of thinking, then JESUS died on the cross for NOTHING and you are calling him a liar! I stand up for HIm because He saved my wretched soul from whats coming and from Hell. People wake up!!!! The world is falling apart. and you are kidding yourself if you think America is immune to the atrocities of past history around the world. DONT YOU PEOPLE REMEMBER 9/11??

I finally got saved after God finally opened my eyes when I realized that there was something REALLY REALLY terribly wrong about the way Obama got elected. You see, I got saved finally because of this--it was the last red flag God put in front of me over the past 8 years and convicted me in my heart that finally proved that we truly in the final stages of the last days. The rapture of the church is at hand. The bible clearly states that we dont know the day, or hour, but the signs are like birth pangs, when you see these signs--together, closer--know that you are in the season. And that season is here. That PRE-tribulation rapture of His true believers--the body of Christ--that is the Church. The catching away of his beleivers in the clouds to meet him in the air is in the bible and many scriptures prove it. The Holy Bible is the true Word of the Living God and is 100% Divine inspiration from cover to cover. I believe this because I beleive He is in the hearts of those who truly believe in him and receive the Holy Spirit. Truly receiving the Holy Spirit is like having blinders fall off your eyeballs-- You know why I believe in Him----because of the following incident which is a TRUE STORY that there were many witnesses.

Approximately 3 weeks before 9/11--my husband Mark and I drove to West Va to work a raft trip at Mountain River Tours. That day Mountain River Tours was taking down a church youth group. The Pastor, his name was Steve, sat next to me in the back of the raft. The rest of my crew were a bunch of teens. We were running the Lower Gauley River, we entered a class 4 rapid called Canyon Doors . This isnt the river we usually run in the summer, or August for that matter, but heavy rains caused us to change to the Gauley. This river was even running high that day and we hit a huge wave that dumped everyone out of the raft but me. I managed to pull two of the girls into the raft, when the raft then hit and pinned on a rock. As we started to bounce off--I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw Steve hanging on the metal ring on the back on the raft. He let go right in front of the rock. Instantaniously the force of the water pinned him on the front face of the rock. I blew my whistle to alert some nearby kayakers. As I was already in the downstream current and couldnt get to him. The water completely engulfed his head and face. The kayakers tried in vain for 10 minutes until they finally got him off. Most of the other rafts got to shore right downstream. It was a horrifying moment for me to watch this pastor of his youth group floating face down in the water. I dont think I ever prayed so hard in my life, to this "God" I had mostly blown off since my youth. His body was pulled to shore--he was clinically dead. CPR was performed on him. They were able to rescusitate him. It was what happened next that changed my life forever and rocked me to the very core of my soul. It was his instantaneous response as soon as he opened his eyes, he became painfully and horribly upset and desparate, He yelled 'WHY DID YOU BRING ME BACK!!?? Took a swing at one of the other raft guides Chris, who did the CPR on him and took several people to prevent him for going back into the river INTENTIALLY!! He said, "I HAVE TO GO BACK TO BE WITH JESUS!" see. . .he was so upset because he JUST GOT RIPPED out of HEAVEN. He saw Jesus Christ himself and wanted to go back. Do you REALIZE what I am telling YOU?!? Can you imagine what heaven and being in the presence of GOD must be like? YOU CANT!!!---except that it was more wonderful that you cant possible imagine going there and then having to come back to this stinkin' hole we call life here in this evil, wicked planet. I KNOW that man was sent back for a reason. What put me there, in that exact time and place at that exact moment-and in MY RAFT---things happen for a REASON!!-----there are no coincidences. I know I was meant to be there--meant to be a witness--that Jesus Christ is real and HE is coming back soon---three weeks later came 9/11. There are NO coincidences!! Things in this earth have gotten progressively worse since then. All the signs in the Bible are there---we are NOW ON THE VERGE OF TOTAL GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE--and thats only one small aspect of it ----has God been knocking on the door of your heart?? Has he?? Are you listening??? He is callling His church home people!! He does not wish ANY to perish. NOW is the time to get right with God. To admit that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness. It is the FREE GIFT of God's AMAZING GRACE. You cannot EARN IT, Do not let ANYONE lie to you about that. WORKS SALVATION IS A LIE! All our "righteous" acts to Him are like filthy rags. This is NOT about religion. Its about the Creator of our Universe. Its about having a personal relationship with our Creator. Its about God giving people one last chance to turn to Him before its too late!!! Noah warned people for 120 years and nobody listened-- If you have any doubt WHATSOEVER we are living in the last days before the Great Tribulation of Revelation . I DARE YOU TO WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEOS. Considering events of late I would even ask you to start with #17 and #18 One World Economy--then the first two regarding The Jewish People (Israel) it will blow you away. I also included at the bottom the video of Pastor Billy Crones personal testimony how he got saved-- It is an amazing story. I know I am not the only one who God has tried to reach PERSONALLY-my story is not unique--but He is there--He has tried to reach you--will you start listening to Him---before its too late?? Getting saved is so easy--putting your faith and trust in Jesus. Beleiving he paid for our sins with His blood on that CROSS. Beleive in His resurrection--Pray and admit you are in need of His forgiveness. There is NOTHING you have done in your past, no matter how horrible that he wont forgive. But you CANT be forgiven if you never ask. You dont want to be left behind. It will be the darkest worst days this planet will ever see. God is sparing those that trust and put your faith in HIm. May God soften the hearts who read about my experience. He WILL give you PEACE--you DONT have to FEAR what coming. But it IS COMING. Read your Bible, pray to Him for help in understanding. He will listen if you are sincerely seeking Him.

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