Friday, June 26, 2009

The Purpose Driven Liar!

This man makes me crackers!! For the life of me I cannot understand how so many people claiming to be christians cannot see Rick Warren for the lying wolf in sheeps clothing he really is!! He is nothing more than a New Age Robert Schuller protoge' trying hard to hide his past with the man! Wake up America's Pastor is top dog of the Laodicean Church! The Purpose Driven Lie is nothing more than a bunch of humanistic boloney disguised in twisted Christianese passed off a biblical. So exactly HOW MANY bible versions did the man have to use to try to make his points.

Doesnt matter--the man is a blantant liar --- caught on tape. He exposes himself for the false teacher he is. Why is this man's PDL books even in the churches.??? This is proof to me that the world truly loves it own.

The first several minutes speak volumes. I guess you forgot you videoed your Prop 8 support there eh Rick. Just love your obnoxious arrogance! You can tell them by their fuits and frankly Mr. Warren your fruit is nothing but rotten. How can anyone calling themself a true christian buy into his Purpose Driven "franchise" is beyond me. My advice?-----Repent while your still sucking air.

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