Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How the New Age Movement Has Infiltrated The American Church

Church leaders have compromised and have allowed the wolf in sheeps clothing in the back door.  If your church practices any of these things---its time to get out now.  This is just a pittance of what is happening. I have the full 3hour video if anyone wants a copy.       Just email me

Numerous topics are discussed in the full 3 hour dvd- Postmodernism, Yoga, Labyrinth, mediation, Hegels Dialectic process, Liberalism, inter-spirituality, New age and the Occult. Addresses the people involved, what they are teaching and how they convince others to accept this "new" hybrid Christianity they are introducing.
There is much useful and current information that we need to know to counter these teachings and practices that affect the church.

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