Saturday, April 10, 2010

How long did it take for the Grand Canyon to form? Three 10- minute Video

Carl Baugh talks with Russell Miller about the Grand Canyon and how it proves that there was a global Flood.
How long did it take for the Grand Canyon to form?
Grand Cooley -- Formed Very Quickly by a Massive Dam Breach -- Formed in a Matter of Days
When water tunnels through a dam -- it causes the dam to collapse catastrophically
Many Catastrophic Event take place -- Cavitations Bubbles implode at up to 440,000 psi -- Turns rock to dust -- Makes water move at 100 to 125 mph with boulders, sand, and things like that -- rushing through the quickly forming canyon -- digs out the canyon very quickly  (Check out what happened to Glen Canyon Dam in 1983)
Skeptics Say -- If the Grand Canyon is because of a global flood -- why aren't there many canyons like it

With millions of years with rivers - if Rivers carve the Grand Canyon why isn't there many canyons like it

Grand Canyon -- Monument to Gods Global Flood Judgment
The Layers were laid right on top of each other -- Know this because there are no plant growing -- There was a global laying of Layers
How did the Canyon form?
The bible says that after the flood -- The Mountains arose -- And the valleys sank down -- There was a massive tectonic plate movement -- This was when the land mass (Pangaea) separated and created the continents -- Continental Drift -- Very Quickly -- Not over millions of years
This event -- smashed plates together -- created mountains -- Formed the Kaibab up warp -- Flexes the plateau above the surrounding plane -- Where the river enters the canyon -- mile below the north rim of the canyon -- Water doesn't flow uphill
Some say that the canyon formed after the flood - Russell Miller believes that it formed a thousand to two thousand years after it -- The Kaibab up warp with the snow on it -- created a natural dam -- Eventually those waters breached the dam -- Created the canyon in probably from 3 to 6 days -- The water trapped in the up warp came out and blasted through it very quickly -- Dispersing the sediments widely
More Evidence
Cedar Butte and Red Butte -- Stand on top of Kaibab Limestone -- If you were standing on the edge of the canyon -- you would be standing on the Kaibab Limestone -- Behind you are 900 Buttes -- Sedentary rocks that were laid down by water -- But other than these two buttes -- The lime stone layer is gone
There is a mile layer of sedimentary rock gone on the top of the Grand Canyon -- How do we know that -- You can pick up these layers in Utah -- The Grand Stair Case

When you go to the south rim of the Grand Canyon -- Driving - you will go right past -- Red Butte
When you go to the east rim of the Grand Canyon -- You will drive right past -- Cedar Butte
In the Grand Canyon shop -- When you go to a window -- there is a perfect view of -- Cedar Butte
In the Middle East -- They show a layer that Geologist Geophysicist have identified -- Austin Chalk -- Same Layer that runs through the Glen Rose formation -- Where Dr Carl Baugh Lives -- First Examined -- Near Austin Texas -- Runs through -- to the eastern side of the US -- Runs Through the White Cliffs of Dover -- Runs through Europe and Scandinavia -- Runs through Russia and China -- Runs throughout Israel -- Runs through Africa -- Back to the United States -- Runs North -- Through Canada -- Runs South -- Central and South America -- Runs East -- Little Disruption in the Rocky Mountains -- Runs all the way to the Western Sea Board -- Picks up again in Australia -- Monuments to the Global Flood

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