Saturday, October 2, 2010

In Satan's Footsteps

An extraordinary study on how to understand evil

and how it is interconnected
About The Book

In Satan’s Footsteps is a most well researched book on the subject of Evil and Satan. The books primary objective is to prove that Satan exists and shows the standard behaviors of cults and evil doers. It exposes the traits and similarities of how evil through the ages is related and how evil can be wrapped with good to deceive many good people.
The book is not politically correct and will offend many especially those that are caught up in the cults they believe to be a true faith or ideology

Ted Shoebat is the 16 year old son of former PLO terrorist Walid Shoebat. Ted was was persecuted for his faith and conservative views by his teachers and fellow students. He witnessed anti Semitism, anti Israel propaganda, holocaust denial, anti Christian and anti Americanism in the public schools he attended. He even was sent to Special Ed and "diagnosed" with Asbergers Syndrome because teachers could not deal with his well thought out retorts to the lies he identified that he was being taught.

Ted decided to write this book so that he could expose the evil and the attacks on American Judeo Christian values, as well as to supply a filter to the youth and unsuspecting adults to the common traits of how Satan works and the commonality of how all evil is interconnected through time.

This is Ted’s first book and we are sure it will be the first of many.

As Ted says. "My Father may be hated by Islamists but I will be hated by Islamists, Neo Nazis, Communists Mormans, Evolutionists, and many liberals. Dad you think you are a marked man, that will be nothing compared to me"

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