Saturday, January 30, 2010

The ABC'S of Jesus is....

Jesus is...

Almighty and awesome advocate abased for aliens, adulterers and alcoholics.

Blessed Bread of Life, bludgeoned and bloodied between burglers

Creator and Christ, crucified on a cross for crooks and criminals

Divine Deity, who descended and died to deliver dirty, depraved degenerates from death

Exalted Eternal Emmanuel who endured emnity to enrich His enemies

Faithful and fair Father who freely forfeited His Life to forgive failures

Glorious God, goaded and gashed to give Gospel of grace to the guilty

Holy and Heavenly Head who humbled Himself to heal the helpless and hopeless

Incomparble "I AM" the incarnation of innocence, insulted for idolaters
Judge and Justifier of the unjust

King of Kings before which every knee shall kneel

Lion and Lamb, Lord and Life, Light and Love, lowered to lay down His Life for the least of the lost
Majestic Maker, Master and Messiah, murdered to mediate mercy to mankind
Name above every name. Nailed naked for the nasty and naughty

Only Omnipotent, Ominiscent One who overcame for the offenses of outcasts

Perfect and pure Prince of Peace, pierced and persecuted to pardon prodigals, prisnors and prostitues
Quintessence of quality quashed for quarreling quacks

Resurrectd righteous Ruler and Redeemer who resigned His royal residence to ransom and reconcile ruthless rebels
Supreme and sufficient Savior savagely sacrificed to sovereignly secure salvation for sorry sinners
Testifier of Truth, tortured for theives , trespassers and transgressors

Unchanging and uniquely unblemished, yet upended for the unworthy and unrighteous

Venerated Vine that verily, verily voiced victory over vices.

Wonderful Word and the only Way, worthy to be worshipped, yet wounded for the worst of the wicked
eXalted eXample, eXecuted to eXcuse the eXcluded

Yahweh, saying yes, and yielding to yahoos like me

Zenieth, zealously zapped for zero's

Satan could not seduce Him. Death could not destroy Him. The grave could not hold Him. He is our awesome God and all sufficient Savior. AMEN!!

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