Friday, January 1, 2010

Move Alert: Avatar – Could Set Up Millions to Accept the “Ancient Wisdom”

The new box-office hit, Avatar, a kind of updated version of Star Wars, is receiving powerful reviews. New York Times calls it “Glorious.” The New Yorker says “the most beautiful film I’ve seen in years.” Millions of people will view this movie – ticket sales have exceeded 600 million dollars worldwide in just a couple weeks since its opening. This is approximately 60-80 million people (many of them young people) that have seen it thus far.

Avatar has a strong shamanistic, spiritual component and a message that clearly portrays the mystical and the goddess spirituality. It has the potential to set tens of millions of people up to be open to the ancient wisdom.

Before allowing your children and teens to watch this movie, please consider this warning. Also you may wish to read the following  movie review:

HEAVEN AND NATURE (NY Times opinion)

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