Monday, July 5, 2010

United Nations, Our Government, Public Schools - Do YOU Know What Is REALLY Going ON?

This should scare you to death. I hope so. Do YOU understand what your children are being taught in the public school system?  They are being prepared to become global citizens,  our own governement views our children as belonging to the State. They are working hand in hand with the dispicable United Nations. This is discussion on the United Nations Agenda 21 on Sustainable Development from people how have read the 40 Chapter Book. It describes the treason members of our Government have committed. Recently hackers exposed documented proof that global elitists have implented a plan of global Socialist enslavement of all mankind.

We American Citizens are free men & women. Our inalienable rights are endowed upon us by our creator. They were given to us by God himself. They were NOT graciously afforded us by any man. Therefore, they can be taken by NO man. We hold these truths to be self evident that ALL men are created equal. If the elitist don't agree, then I have a rifle that says its so. Long live the Republic

A young girl from Russia (Slovenia) recently moved me to emotion with a simple comment. She stated that the fate of the entire world, lies now in the hands of the real American People. The enemies of Life, Liberty, and Prosperity now mass at every gate...the price of which has always been the blood of free men and women of honor. Arm yourself, store food, and take steps towards self-sufficiency. The Reigns of these United States were seized from the most powerful empire the world had ever known by a mere 3% of the population. That blood of resistance still flows through our veins. Who will have the honor of writting our history? Wipe the dust from your rifles, freedom isn't free. Long Live the Republic

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