Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christian Persecution

The Bible says that all who seek to live godly lives in Christ Jesus would suffer persecution

(2Timothy 3:12)
 The apostle Peter wrote an entire epistle to those  dispersed by persecution and how even in the midst of trials they could survive on the living hope provided through faith in Jesus (1 Peter; see 1 Peter 1:3).
Persecution of Christians does not only involve the physical
persecution but propaganda in the media and worldly influences and attacks to minimize and isolate Christians from the world scene.
Daniel 7:21 alludes to the rise of persecution in the EndTimes that will only be relived upon the return of Jesus. Jesus spoke of persecution in the EndTimes too (Matthew 10; 24:9-10).
      We can expect persecution of Christians to be on the rise as
the world moves further and further in their worldly philosophy of tolerance of anything and everything and Christians take a stand for God's truth.
Just remember no matter how bad it gets here, Jesus  is still on the Throne.

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