Sunday, January 30, 2011


"Every true Christian should be deeply offended and concerned that serious error is being promoted not only in the world but even in seemingly sound churches and by those who are looked up to as evangelical leaders.  It is our love for Christ in response to His love for us, and our love for the lost whom He loves and for whom He suffered and died, which causes us to hate heresy, to denounce the occult invasion and to earnestly contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.  May we remain true to Him until He takes us home!" ---Dave Hunt (Occult Invasion - The Subtle Seduction of the World and Church, pgs. 598-599.)


In a time when people won't endure sound doctrine, it's no great surprise to see so many false prophets on the airwaves. Television: it sells people what they want to buy. Some programmers use it to sell false doctrines and millions are eating it up. Today, how a discerning believer can and must separate truth from error when listening to religious teaching on TV.

From the WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE series:
Judging False Prophets and Teachers #1 of 2 Erwin Lutzer
Judging False Prophets and Teachers #2 of 2

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