Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top Ten Trips Countdown #2

2) Private Grand Canyon Raft Trip #3
~~no confirmed date

G running the Notorious Lava Falls class 10 rating

Yup--you read that right! We are really hoping to either score another permit or hope one of our friends obtain one to run the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon yet again.

Havasu Falls

There is something undeniably remarkable and special about the Grand Canyon. If your only view of the Grand Canyon has been only by seeing it on TV or in pictures--you truly are missing out on the one of the most truly magnificent Natural Wonders in America. Its something that every American should make the effort to see at least once in their life!

Rigging at the Put-in at Lee's Ferry

I've had the privledge of rafting the Colorado River twice now. First time was in Nov 2001. My husband and I shared 1 spot on our friend Glenn Goodrich's permit.(Once again-my eternal gratitude G!) Our kids were much younger so neither of us could take off for 3 weeks--so we split the spot that was offered to us. Mark did the first half--9 days from Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch--I did the 2nd two weeks--I had to hike 10 miles down the Bright Angel Trail from the South Rim to the river. An adventure in it's own right! I will never forget that first trip. Especially because the last night on that canyon trip--we were treated to the most spectacular Leonid Meteor Shower

Leonid Meteor shower on Nov 18.2001 Not my photo

Not my pic but sky was filled with them for hours

Waterfall in Stone Creek Canyon

Something wonderful happens to you when you spend time in the Grand Canyon--those who have been there know what I'm talking about. There are no words sufficent to explain the metamorphosis. It's something you have to experience for yourself.

At the mouth of Matkatamiba Canyon

We were lucky enuf to get our own permit for our own trip after being on the "wait list" for only a few short years. Just know at the time, the wait list was over 25 years long. I got lucky--I felt like I had won the lottery. Our launch was in Nov 2005.

Group pic of 2005 trip

We had the perfect group of people. A few whom I had met for the very first time. And we all got along like a family.

Hawaiian night in the Canyon --Al Sullivan

Late Oct/early Nov seems like the perfect time to go. Summer is god awful hot-like 120 degrees! Summer time also brings lots of commercial outfitters and other private trips all vying for the limited campsites.

View from inside Redwall Canyon. See how small the rafts look

Beautiful scenery near Redwall Cavern

Late fall brings pleasant temperatures and lots of solitude. And it was wonderful! We spent 22 days having the times of our lives. Viewing the canyon from the bottom up makes you realize that the Grand Canyon isn't some big vast empty desert. Its so full of life. The rapids were HUGE and exciting!

Near Indian Dick Rapid

Drifting lazily in the flat stretches, enjoying the shrill of the canyon wren, sleeping under a canopy of stars, regaling stories around the campfire,

Deer Creek Slot Canyon

Hiking and exploring the many wonderfull hidden places the canyon keeps secret from those merely gazing from above,

Disco Night at Bass Camp

Known to us as the Diareah Boys

The comradierie among the group of fellow river travelers in their shared experience.

Sweeping view of the river at Nankoweap Graneries

Out of all the river trips Mark and I have done--there is NOTHING like the Grand Canyon.

The Little Colorado River

Once you've experienced being there--something from within calls to you--beckoning you to go back. And I know I'm not alone in this feeling!

Deer Creek Falls

So with any luck we will be able to aquire another permit---or if you're lucky enuf to obtain you own--please think of us!! There are so many places on earth we want to visit--yet I will never tire of the Grand Canyon and hope to get as many raft trips as I can during our lifetime

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