Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The end of the month of April was the start of back to back adventures. On this particular outing--I was the permit holder for a 7 day river trip down DesoGray Canyon on the Green River in Utah. Thanks to Glenn Goodrich, or "G" as he's known in the whitewater community, for organizing and talking me into getting the permit. It was loads of fun as only G trips can be.
One of the fun people on the trip was Michele Weigold whom I met the previous year on G's Yampa River Trip. Anyway, on a whim she picked up a book called UP SHIT CREEK-a collection of Horrifyingly True Wilderness Toilet MisAdventures.
Several of these stories were read around the campfire to aproximately 20 unwitting souls. Never had i witnessed such gut-bustin bellylaughing in my life--over POOP! Michele who was narrating the story, was struggling to get the words out without erupting in laughter and wiping tears from her cheek.
Ironically each story is rated by a 1 to 6 --not stars-- but T.P. rolls!-- 1 roll is fairly innoculous the 6 roll rating--may induce complete nauseau -aka-have the barf bag ready. If that werent enough the book comes with a complete collection of Shit Words and Phrases for your vocabulary enhancing enjoyment. A must read for every river runner, camper, ordinary citizen alike! Laughter is the best medicine after all!
I've just returned from my mailbox and now finally in hand is my very own copy. Like the call of nature itself, I've got some unfinished business! Looking forward to adding this to my collection
of favorite reads

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  1. Hi Roxanne !!
    Your website is awesome. I feel like I am on all your adventures. It will take time to see everything but I can't wait to continue My Journey.....opps.....I mean your journey. I love it !!
    Love, Aunt Anne