Monday, June 9, 2008

Quote for the Day

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!"
~~Joe E Lewis
Living not just existing. There are too many people out there sleepwalking thru life. Why are so many people caught up in merely existing. They are caught up in the daily grind of day to day living and let it dictate their lives--ones that are quite preditable, safe--but are completley uninspiring. People unwittingly build their own prisons. . . . they let fear hold them back and are full of excuses on why they cant or wont. The see their life as a half empty cup. People just need to re-adjust their thinking. Its often difficult at first, but once you start looking at life thru the cup half full mentality it becomes easier and easier. One of my favorite passages in a book entitled "A Vagabond for Beauty" the story about Everett Ruess, a young man full of wanderlust from the 1930's. . . it says, "I have always been unsatisfied with life as most people live it. Always, I want to live more richly and intensely." Kinda has become my mantra. I would rather live, not in fear, but in wonder. And the wilderness and nature has much to teach

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  1. Very Well put Roxanne !!! I am glad you and Mark love adventure and not sitting around wishing I had done this or gone there. LOL.....I don't think **I wish I had** will be in your vocabulary at all. Good for You !! I am so proud of you both for exploring more than your own back yard. Love , Aunt Anne