Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Spill - What You Are Not Being Told

Listen and  decide  for yourself
Part 1

BP drilled about 30,000 feet into a strata that has never been drilled into before, already starting 5,000 feet down. So we’re talking as far as 7 miles into the earth. The Russians have drilled this deep, but they had the sense to do it on land.

“They drilled between 25 and 30 thousand feet deep in 5 thousand foot water. … They hit something so catastrophic and unexpected that they could not contain it.”
They hit a wellhead pressure of somewhere between 20, 000 and 70,000 pounds per square inch (psi).” Compare this to Prudhoe Bay oil pressure at 1,5000 psi.
Having been told that the fail-safe valve was warped, the foreman proceeded anyway.
The flow is much larger than BP is letting on. It’s actually gushing at about 4 million gallons of oil per day!
The pipe is fractured in many places. Some plumes are coming up as far as 20 miles away.
The oil is not the greatest danger. … What comes up with the oil is what is deadly [to humans]” — toxic gasses that could be blown across the eastern United States during the next hurricane.
It may take a nuke to stop it. But this could take about 2 more months to angle drill the hole, and its super risky. The nuke could damage the strata further! “You are not going to see this well capped anytime soon.”
This could double or triple the price of gasoline.
“They have told me that they’re going to use this gulf scenario as a method of accomplishing their timeline for 2010 and 2012, exactly as they told me they were going to do it.” “They are going to use this as one of the major methods…of getting their 2012 timeline done.” See links at bottom of page.
This could bankrupt the airlines, which would then be nationalized.


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