Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Truth About The Passion of the Christ Movie

click here: LINK Why is Antichrist Symbols Portrayed Thruout PASSION MOVIE
Besides the fact that the actress that played "Mary Magadalene" is an italian porn star but that is not what this video clip is about....... i almost bought this movie for everyone for Christmas 2008...soon after my salvation...until my former catholic grandmother (and a unmistakable conviction of the Holy Spirit!) who watched the movie at our house pointed out----"oh thats Veronica!!!"   i looked at her in astonishment?  who is veronica?  i dont remember that  in  the bible.  of course not! ITS NOT there! Mel Gibson purposely made this film as a literal and symbolic  CATHOLIC MASS in the form of a movie, and using the unbiblical teachings of a mystic nun Anne Emmerich, .  this movie is a portrayal of her so called "visions" and Mel Gibsons purposeful portrayal of Mary being an unbiblical co-redemptrix - which would fit Catholic theology of idolatry worshipping the pagan "Queen of Heaven". And leave it to undiscerning pastors across america to have let their sheep watch this heretical portrayal of our Lord Jesus Christ sacrifice is nothing short of abominable. Where were all the warningsby all our so called Christian leaders? This movie is nothing short of another "last days" doctrine of demons promoting ecumenicalism, mary worship and countless other heresies

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