Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oil Confirmed to Be Leaking From Cracks In the Sea Floor

There is a 15 second commerical w/this last video, but  its an important news report from BLOOMBERG that you gotta listen to!

On the video, we see oil leaking from the sea floor. What does this mean? It means that the oil pipe in the ocean has burst and now the oil is leaking from the seafloor. Simply put, there’s probably no realistic way we can stop this.

We speculated in prior articles that this leak is much bigger than originally reported. At first it was 1,000 BPD, then 5,000 BPD, and just recently the US government confirmed 20,000 to 40,000 barrels. Independent scientists have suggested 70,000 to 100,000+.

And that’s just from the actual well.
However, it is becoming quite clear why there has been a media blackout in the gulf, as well as on public beaches. BP, and especially our government, do not want us to know how bad this really is.

Because of the lack of information coming out of the President’s administration we can only speculate, but the video above is proof that there is more to this story than just a leaking well.

We have the possibility of geological damage. When the well ruptured it may have caused damage to the actual sea floor, an effect that may have also been confirmed when BP attempted the so-called “junk shot” by pumping mud into the hole. Reportedly, the junk shot failed because much of the mud was seeping out of the actual sea bed, suggesting that the damage was not limited to just the well.

We’ve heard estimates that the well could continue leaking until August, perhaps Christmas - and in some cases, for years to come.

This may very well be a watershed event that nails the coffin in our economy, and subsequently, our way of life. The effects, if this is as bad as the worst-case scenarios suggest, may not be felt immediately, but they will most certainly be felt by the entire country. Right now, the gulf spill is just a news story on television, affecting only those on the shores and in the seafood business. Be assured that ripples will be felt far and wide.

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