Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Age Mysticism of the Emergent Church, IHOP (international house of prayer-Mike Bickle & co)

Mike Bickle is the director of the IHOP (International House Of Prayer) ministry, what kind of prayer are we taking about? Its the latest spin on the New Age called "contemplative" prayer. This is a throw back to the mideval age and Roman Catholic monks. This is a Hindu practice that was imported into Christianity. So, what harm is there in contemplative prayer? The fact is that the young people attending IHOP do not know that they are opening themselves up to demonic spirits as they seek out a new experience with God. This mystic experience is not a prescription found in the Bible but a demonically inspired, manmade pathway to decpetion.

The emergent church is nothing more than new age mysticism wrapped in a Christian cloak. It is dangerous heresy that denies the person and message of the Biblical Jesus and substitutes a FALSE Christ in His place.

ALICE BAILY and - The New Age "PLAN" is for a new world order

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